I Designed the logo for AZEEMA fashion week. The goal of this design is to resembled New York Fashion Week logo.

After creating the 2d design, the process involved animating the logo to hover. I faced a challenge of animating the hover movement to look less bouncy. The goal of the animation is used as an asset for all social media marketing material. The social media involved instagram posts and stories.

Mediums: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder

Instagram Posts introdocuing the designers (with the logo design added to the left hand corner):

Instagram Story (with motion graphic logo):

Prcoess creating the logo: 
The client required that the logo parallel the New York Fashion Week logo. In addition to creating the Azeema logo I had to include the date of the event. I faced the challenge of designing bold condensed typrographic font that animated in a hovering action. Going through this process I learned how to communicate with the client to figure out the best way to incorporate the same style for their logo.