Full Potential

Programs Used: Canva, Adobe Illustrator

I volunteered as a graphic design for the organization Full Potential the summer of 2020.

Throughout my work I focused on creating a branding guideline from the ground up. I gathered all the members of Full Potential to create a style guide that follows their vision. In the process I had each member create their own moodboard related to the mission of Full Potential.

Instagram is the main social media platform used for the project. I helped guide the co-founder (Sara), to help create a feed that responds to Full Potential’s mission. After working with the cofounder we put together a design team to create a logo for the organization. Throughout the 3-4 months of discussing and designing we created the finalization of the logo. 

Full Potential Instagram
               Full Potential logo design, March 2021,
Adobe Illustrator

Instagram Designs: 

Each design is related to a series for Full Potential. We have a series focused on Swana News, highlighting women in different fields, and small business.


These illustrations are part of a series called Darde Moshtarak written by Sara Azmoudeh.

Social Media Feed:

Branding Guide: