Interactive Book

Oasis is an interactive book I created for kids. The purpose of this book is meant to be placed in the library of the Port Discovery Children's Museum. The theme of the Library is an Oasis. Thus creating the idea for the book to be about the topic of what an Oasis is.

The goal of the mockup is to create how the product would be placed in the environment.  Creating this environment shot gives the viewers of where the Ipad would be placed.

Tools Used: Cinema 4D, Figma, After Effects  

Library Design:

Creating the space from memory is challenging. I chose to add colors that would create a welcoming space for kids. The kid's sections in libraries are are very colorful and filled with intricate toys/books. I wanted to emulate that childlike energy. 


Webflow Diagram (Figma):

Using the webflow tool on Figma I was able to diagram which pages of the book went towards which direction. 

The focus around creating the illustrations for the digital book was to emulate a childlike style. I didn't want to focus on illustrating photo-realistic drawings, but illustrations that have a playful tone.