MAEOE Branding

For this year's conference, MAEOE will be focusing on Climate Change. Since there are a variety of topics to focus on in regards to climate change, my team decided to focus on rising sea levels.And since the state faces flooding issues we are able to narrow the topic down.

The conference is originally supposed to be held in Maryland. Then in 2021 the conference was moved virtually. Throughout the planning of the social media side, I helped build a plan from the ground up one month prior to the conference. 

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator & Canva


MAEOE Conference Logo (2021)


Logo Drafts: 

How can an image encompass rising sea levels? In the first image we have the earth get engulfed by water. The water droplets with icons of land, earth, and sun show how everything will be affected by rising sea levels. 


During my position at MAEOE, I was in charge of designing marketing assets for the 2021 Climate Change conference. Throughout this project, I managed all social media accounts (twitter, facebook, and instagram). I organized all the posts on an excel spreadsheet to keep track of the comments and designs. All the social media posts were designed on Canva. Since canva is growing as another cloud based design tool, I see more social media designers using canva.             

Social Media Feed:


Instagram Story Designs (for MAEOE 2021 Conference): 



In these illustrations I wanted to create an abstracted representation of how I visually see the energy in these environments. I loved how parks were a place where I can do anything with myself (reading, writing, drawing) & playing with a group of people (sports, games, etc).

Mockup of how the email header is placed on the current MAEOE conference website: