Leyla Gokcek

A Designer->
From Bay Area☀️
Based in Brooklyn🌆

Leyla Gokcek

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Another World

"Another World" is an experimental sculptural piece that conveys a fictional world. This world is about baths and bath houses. I wanted to illustrate the variations of baths that can be designed. I used a plastic sheet with an array of colors to convey this fictional world. Layering the sheets on top of one another created an intrinsic depth.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator/ Rhino/ Laser Cutter


Moving the piece through light can create a shadow of colors. I enjoy experimenting with the light rays and seeing how the intensity of the light can obscure the piece. 

1) I used Adobe Illustrator to create a draft of the piece. Note: I intended this to be my draft instead of the final product. By creating this draft I'm designing a foundation for the pieces before they are cut out.

2) After creating the draft on Adobe Illustrator I moved the file into Rhino. The Rhino program connects to the laser cut machine, thus giving me the pieces I need.