Leyla Gokcek

From Bay Area☀️
Based in Brooklyn🌆

Motion Work

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Leyla Gokcek

Designer ->From Bay Area☀️ Based in Brooklyn🌆

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Leyla Gokcek is a designer working in branding and interactive design. She majored in graphic design with a minor in printmaking/political science at Maryland Institute College of Art. Leyla has experience in agencies that involve a range of clients. The industries consist of environmentalism, entertainment, and food.

Leyla bounces from different mediums within her work. This creates a range that allows new styles to show up. She experiments with colors and textures early in the process to create a foundation.

︎She is open to freelance work and helping clients with brand identity, website design, and animation.︎


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe XD, Cinema 4D, Blender


Graphic Design: Digital Design, Branding, Social Media Design, Editorial Design, UI/UX, Motion

Printmaking: Riso Printing, Screenprinting, Italo Etching, Movable type