Leyla Gokcek

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From Bay Area☀️
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Leyla Gokcek

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Teenage Zine

Project Summary: 
This project is about creating a zine that can integrate printmaking and hand drawing tools together. I wanted to make a publication that illustrates different parts of my teenage life that I remember. Growing up I loved watching Coming of Age stories that always show an array of narratives I've related too. 

Tools Used: Photoshop, Wacom Tablet, Risograph



The direction I wanted the photoshoot to move towards is an intimate still-life atmosphere. I want the objects to have their own characteristic because every teenage bedroom has a characteristic of it's own.

I directed the process of this photo documentation.Before the photoshoot I allowed sent my photographer a mood board to look at. Creating this mood board specified the direction I chose the photographer Noah M. Fisher to work as a partner.